Is it safe ? You bet

A Jason Statham movie is usually a great way to enliven a Saturday afternoon. His latest effort SAFE is no exception.

Statham plays Luke Wright a cage fighting ex-cop and – courtesy of the Russian mafia – distraught widower. As Wright is about to hit rock bottom a young Chinese girl, math prodigy, Mei gives him reason to step back from the brink. Mei is on the run from the Russians, the Chinese Triads and corrupt NYC detectives. She was kidnapped from China for her photographic memory for numbers – she is holding a code in her head that EVERYBODY wants.


Wright’s mission to protect Wei meshes tightly with narratives of revenge and redemption. He lays waste to the craniums, torsos, and egos of the multicultural mafioso and corrupt cops that had previously beset him. Richly deserved for them and richly rewarding for us (the audience).

We do find out as the body count rises and the complications accrue that there is more to Wright than appears on the surface. And more to the situation – much more, involving politics and intrigue at the highest level.

However the strange bond that Mei and Wright develop – two misfits helping each other against and through a sea of troubles is more compelling than the standard crooks in high places plot device.

You will get everything you expect and more from SAFE. Brutal, inventive and frenetic fight scenes, car chases, a degree of pathos and an interesting portrait of veteran cops crossing the line to the dark side and laying it all on the line in the process. This is a really good film.

If action movies are your go see it.

If you don’t think you’d like a Jason Statham movie – still see it.

You’ll be surprised.

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