The Dictator – serious political comment – with a lot of dicks and a massive vagina

I had a choice this evening. Go and watch “Men in Black 3” or “The Dictator“. I chose the latter because I figured MIB3 would be more of the same. I chose well.

The Dictator of the film is General Admiral Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) of the North African nation of Wadiya. Having sex with whoever he wants (Oprah, Megan Fox) whilst ruling Wadiya with despotic abandon. As well as being a vicious tyrant sentencing people to death for the most trivial transgressions, Aladeen imposes absurd laws which no-one dares disobey. The results of this are quite hilarious.

Naturally like any tyrant he has a ‘secret’ nuclear weapons program, as shambolic as it is comical. Tiring of Aladeen’s bizarre and threatening ways the international community give him an ultimatum – explain himself in front of the UN in New York of face a military intervention. His trusted adviser Tahir (Ben Kingsley) urges him to go. When Aladeen’s body double gets shot in the head in a botched assassination attempt, the scheming Tahir arranges for a new body double – one who looks exactly like Aladeen but is even more stupid. When Aladeen’s US supplied security detail (John C. Reilly) goes rogue and takes him off to be tortured, Tahir takes his chance to install the  body double as his puppet in front of the UN.

Aladeen escapes from his security detail and ends-up wandering the streets of new york where he is rescued by a feminist, left-wing, environmentalist, vegetarian, democratic organic food store organiser Zoey (Anna Faris). Of course they are polar opposites – allowing Cohen to indulge in an orgy of political incorrectness in every direction – sexist, racist, scatological, slapstick – all very funny and very improper.

His speech towards the end of the film is brilliant and throughout the film had two or three levels – sharp satire with enough dicks, cum, vaginas, piss and poo to keep the punters glued.

Great film.

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