Month: January 2013

La Horde. La Horror

When the French do something well – wow – do they do it well. Sex. Romance. Cheese. Wine. Film. Excess. And Zombies. I saw “La Horde” for the second time tonight. What a great Zombie film. What a great film… Read More ›

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Zombie quest

Yes, yes I know. I’ve had the word “Zombies” in my blog header for 9 months and not a post, not a word, not even the merest hint of a tag pertaining to Zombies or Zombie-related topics has fallen off… Read More ›

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Top 11 films in 2012

Well its a little bit late, but better late than never- my list of the best  films I’ve seen during 2012. Some of them are strictly 2011 films but that’s Australia. In the cinemas I saw 51 different films. 13… Read More ›

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