World War Z – the Book

What better way to re-animate my blog than with a ridiculously thin review of Max Brook’s “World War Z” novel. Well its not a novel in the conventional sense but a collection of interviews with survivors of the Great Zombie War.

Or as it says on the cover “An Oral History of the Zombie War”.

Max Brooks

That is the power of “World War Z” right there. It has been written from a such a convincing series of perspectives. Such a compelling blend of post-apocalyptic minutiae with an existential fight-for-survival grandeur.

The sweep of these interviews is stunning. Across all continents and all types of survivors, doctors, people smugglers, soldiers, black marketeers on and on. The book documents all manner of folly, mistakes and heroics. In some ways it could be seen as a simulation model for any kind of lethal virus outbreak.

This book is so much less about Zombies, than it is about people, individually and collectively and as a species pushed to the limit. There are some great insights here.

I just realised I used the word “document” in the previous paragraph. Shit gets real.

I’m struggling to muster the concentration to complete a book these days, what with iPads, iPhones and other unnamed distractions, all, well, distracting me. No problem here. I powered through this as I suspect most people have. I wanted to read it before I see the film so I can be one of those annoying people who’ve “read the book”, and then tell everyone about how much better it is. Living the dream.

So read “World War Z”. If you didn’t believe before you will now. And that is what matters.

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